AIIC launches "Speak Your Truth: Empowering Through Interpreting" worldwide campaign to celebrate the power of multilingualism

GENEVA, July 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The International Association of Conference Interpreters celebrates the transformative power of multilingualism featuring high-level speakers from various sectors

Speak Your Truth: Empowering Through Interpreting is a global campaign featuring Amélie de Montchalin Permanent Representative of France to the OECD, Sim Ann Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Singapore, Gianrico Carofiglio Italian novelist and former magistrate, Craig Spence Chief Brand and Communications Officer at IPC and further people of influence, unveiling the remarkable value of multilingualism and interpreting services for businesses and societies at large.

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The International Association of Conference Interpreters, as a leading force in the world of professional interpreters since 1953, is dedicated to raising awareness for multilingualism as a catalyst for personal, corporate and institutional growth.

With the increase of English-only meetings, there is a profound need to connect with others, to speak our minds and be understood truthfully. Linguistic diversity is a reality, observance of which is a fundamental value. Interpreting celebrates the richness of multilingualism, breaking down language barriers and allowing individuals to express themselves in their native tongue.

Justice: Bridging the Gap for Equal Access
In the pursuit of legal justice, interpreting plays a crucial role in ensuring that every individual, regardless of language proficiency, has equal right to due diligence and access to a fair process.

Return on your investment
By providing interpreting services, events can become more accessible and inclusive, enabling individuals and communities from diverse backgrounds to participate and engage in important discussions and decision-making processes. Combining and transferring knowledge for business strategy and innovation relies on multilingualism as knowledge is always linguistically coded, often acquired and better managed in one’s own mother tongue(s).

Social Inclusion and Accessibility: Building Bridges of Understanding
Interpreting is a powerful tool for social inclusion, offering a voice to those who may otherwise remain unheard. It ensures that all individuals have equal access to services and opportunities, all while reducing barriers and promoting inclusivity.

Democracy: Empowering Participation and Building Diplomatic Bridges
Interpreting is essential for democracy to thrive. It ensures that individuals can engage fully in political processes and public discussions, regardless of the language they speak. Democracy should enable citizens to influence and hold accountable political decision makers, turning public opinion into political power.

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