Azentio Software Unveils the Next-Gen ONEERP Cloud Engineered to Empower Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Financial Management

SINGAPORE, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Azentio Software (“Azentio”), a leading software products company headquartered in Singapore, proudly unveils ONEERP Cloud, a revolutionary transition to the cutting-edge industry cloud. The ONEERP platform from Azentio represents a significant leap forward in empowering supply chain, manufacturing, and financial functions with unrivaled efficiency and flexibility.


By embracing the industry cloud paradigm, ONEERP Cloud is thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs of manufacturing, distribution, and ancillary sectors, thus delivering a comprehensive solution to industry-specific challenges. In a dynamic era where agility and adaptability reign, this move marks a defining moment in the evolution of enterprise solutions.

Manufacturing organizations driven by their quest for growth and profits will find unparalleled support in ONEERP Cloud’s seamless integration of core business processes into shop floor operations. The platform presents a myriad of enhancements to core functionality, enabling advanced planning and production processes backed by real-time recommendations, thereby minimizing downtime and boosting productivity. Moreover, the system ensures meticulous forward and backward traceability for batch and non-batch items, instilling comprehensive tracking and compliance. ONEERP Cloud introduces a multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM) system, equipped with automated workflows that facilitate efficient routing to multiple production centers. Embracing the future of inventory control, the platform incorporates the First Expired, First Out (FEFO) shelf-life expiry approach, supported by effective product life cycle management. While emphasizing regional and industry-specific statutory compliance, such as MSDS for the chemical industry and FDA regulations for pharmaceuticals, further enhances the platform’s capabilities, providing organizations with a competitive edge.

Addressing the evolving needs of the industry, ONEERP Cloud encompasses Halal production processes and related compliances within the supply chain and manufacturing operations. The platform further offers industry-specific reports, alerts, and document management to establish audit trails, while the Application Programming Interface (API) paves the way for effortless configuration and customization, enabling organizations to tailor the solution to their unique requirements. The platform also includes the ONEERP Solution Manager (OSM), streamlining the ERP life cycle management in a distributed cloud setup. OSM allows for standard configurations for different industry sectors. It also allows partners and consultants to adjust the solution according to the requirements of each customer. A central repository of ONEERP solution suite maintains best practices, making it faster to set up the solution for new clients, thus saving time during deployment.

Azentio ONEERP has notably excelled in servicing the manufacturing sector. With a wide-reaching customer base across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, the solution has consistently enabled organizations to achieve higher levels of efficiency. This strength underscores Azentio’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique demands of the manufacturing industry.

In the realm of supply chain management, supplier relationships are critical, and ONEERP Cloud rises to the challenge with enhanced supplier management modules. Users gain the ability to classify suppliers into tiers based on performance metrics, cost, delivery timelines, and sustainability compliance. The platform further offers intelligent suggestions for the most suitable supplier for each item, streamlining procurement processes and optimizing supply chain efficiency.

In the financial domain, the automation of workflows within ONEERP Cloud reduces manual tasks and enriches transactional traceability, ultimately improving cost control and profit performance tracking for organizations. Users are further able to perform automated data entry and data matching for financial transactions such as debit/credit note, vendor payments, post-dated cheques (PDC), and receipt issuance management.

In tandem with these advancements, Azentio has revitalized the ONEERP Cloud user interface, focusing on interactivity and personalization. Users can now configure and customize data visualization dashboards based on their respective job roles, affording swift access to mission-critical information. These role boards empower manufacturing and logistics managers with real-time performance monitoring, while interactive help and guidance minimize the need for additional user training, boosting overall usability.

Beyond its innovative features, ONEERP Cloud stands out for its seamless delivery and robust support services. With hassle-free implementation and a dedicated support model, businesses can swiftly transition to the cloud while enjoying continued assistance. This streamlined approach ensures a smooth journey from adoption to proficient utilization.

Suryanarayan Kasichainula, President and Global Head – ERP at Azentio said, “The launch of ONEERP Cloud represents a monumental achievement for Azentio and a pivotal moment for the wider ERP market. We have witnessed and meticulously studied the evolving needs of the market, and ONEERP Cloud is our resolute response to the demands of the modern business landscape. With this groundbreaking solution, we are empowering enterprises to elevate their supply chain, manufacturing, and financial management to unprecedented heights. For our valued clients and their customers, ONEERP Cloud means witnessing a transformative experience. By leveraging the power of industry cloud, they benefit from enhanced efficiency and flexibility, and deeper insights, that will ultimately drive their growth and success.”

The launch of ONEERP Cloud cements Azentio’s position as an industry leader in vertical-specific ERP solutions. This transition to the industry cloud takes financial management to greater heights, streamlines supplier relationships, and ushers in a new era of customer experience. As Azentio Software pushes further the boundaries of innovation and excellence, the unveiling of ONEERP Cloud is set to redefine the future of cloud ERP solutions, empowering businesses to embrace the opportunities of tomorrow, today.


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