EZVIZ Celebrates Back to School Season in Saudi Arabia with Eco-Friendly Promotions and Global Green Initiatives

MENA Newswire: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – In conjunction with the Back to School season, EZVIZ, a renowned global leader in smart home technology, is excited to announce a special promotion on its eco-friendly product, the EZVIZ Battery Camera. Moreover, EZVIZ reaffirms its commitment to a greener future with the launch of the EZVIZ Global Forest Plan, a revolutionary tree-planting project in partnership with Treedom.

EZVIZ Celebrates Back to School Season in Saudi Arabia with Eco-Friendly Promotions and Global Green Initiatives

EZVIZ Global Forest Plan: Greening the Planet Together

Earlier this year, EZVIZ unveiled its 3-year Global Forest Plan on World Environment Day 2023, collaborating with Treedom, a tree-planting platform. Thousands of trees will be planted globally, focusing on countries like Thailand, Guatemala, Kenya, and Ecuador, empowering farmers and enriching biodiversity for a greener planet.

Aligned with the EZVIZ Green brand initiative, the plan is the company’s first eco-friendly campaign. EZVIZ involves experts and farmers to grow two native trees daily, adapting to local environments and climate change. Updates on this agroforestry project will be shared on EZVIZ’s and Treedom’s websites.

“As safety, smartness and sustainability contribute to the core conditions of a future-oriented EZVIZ Smart Home, we hope to help everyone live a better life with easier technology, and on a greener planet,” said Sandra Zheng, global branding director of EZVIZ. “Projects like this allow EZVIZ to transform advocacy into actions.”

The Green initiative expands as EZVIZ readies its eco-friendly robot vacuum series, RC and RE, made partly from recycled plastics, equal to 16 water bottles. EZVIZ prioritizes long product lifecycles, quality materials, and reliable updates, minimizing electronic waste.

Apart from the strides made in eco-friendly initiatives, EZVIZ continues to pioneer next-generation home security systems powered by green energy. Customers can learn more about EZVIZ Green and its endeavors by visiting https://www.ezviz.com/page/ezviz-green.

Embrace the Back to School Season with Eco-Friendly Solutions

During the Back to School season in Saudi Arabia, customers can take advantage of the EZVIZ Battery Camera promotion. This series of state-of-the-art security cameras offer hassle-free installation, solar panel charging options and top-notch performance, ensuring the safety of homes and loved ones. Notably, with the purchase of the EZVIZ Battery Camera, customers can participate in the EZVIZ global forest plan, contributing to environmental conservation.

From August 7th until August 21st, the EZVIZ Battery Camera deal (up to 59% discount) will be available on NOON in Saudi Arabia. The product selection includes the year around best sellers BC2, BC1C, CB3, BM1, etc. For more information and to explore our range of eco-friendly products, visit our website at ezviz.com/ar or visit ezviz.com/contact-us. Let’s join hands in creating a better world through sustainable choices with EZVIZ!