Global Times: Come and experience: Arab diplomats, officials explore Chinese modernization practices in dynamic, inclusive Shanghai

BEIJING, Aug. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tamer M.A. Shehab, an official from the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, experienced being a “pilot” during his recent trip to Shanghai.

At a local exhibition center of the G60 Science & Technology Innovation Valley (G60 valley), Shehab sat in a flight simulator of a passenger aircraft. He saw the vast blue sky through the windows on each side of the simulator.

The simulator was made by a Shanghai-based tech company, which also produces flight simulator equipment for China’s self-developed large passenger aircraft C919. After exiting the simulator, Shehab asked the exhibition center for information on the latest scientific and technological achievements of the G60 valley in the field of aerospace.

“They [the achievements] are the future,” he said.

The G60 valley in East China, containing Shanghai and its eight surrounding cities, is one of the country’s most urbanized economic belts and home to tens of thousands of innovative high-tech entities.

The valley’s exhibition center in a Shanghai suburb that Shehab visited is a must-see destination for many foreign officials and scholars who try to explore the experiences of the Chinese path to modernization in Shanghai.

The G60 valley showcases the latest technological developments in China, and supports sustainable economic development, said Iyad Zoukar, professor and deputy director of the Syrian Diplomatic Institute at Syria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates.

“The innovative spirit and cutting-edge technologies showcased at the G60 valley were truly impressive,” Zoukar told the Global Times.

“It was fascinating to witness firsthand advancements in various fields there, such as in renewable energy, electric technology, and silicon chip manufacturing,” he recalled.

Zoukar and Shehab are among the delegation of officials who visited Shanghai early this summer under the “Seminar for Arab Officials by the China-Arab Research Center on Reform and Development (CARC)” or the “Seminar for Arab Diplomats in China by the CARC” programs.

Zoukar attended the 13th Seminar for Arab Officials held in early June, traveling over 4,000 miles from Syria to Shanghai.

Apart from G60 valley, the visit to Xiaotaoyuan Mosque was also a memorable experience to Zoukar.

“The Xiaotaoyuan Mosque served as a testament to the importance of promoting mutual understanding and respect among diverse communities,” said Zoukar. “It was inspiring to witness the peaceful coexistence of different religions in the city and learn about China’s policies on nationalities and religions.”

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