Midea Introduces UNICOOL: a Game-Changing Inverter AC for Africa’s Challenging Power Landscape

FOSHAN, China, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Midea, a leading brand in smart home appliances, has launched a revolutionary inverter air conditioning solution tailored specifically for markets facing voltage instability and inadequate power supply, including Africa. With a strong commitment to addressing the unique challenges of such environments, Midea introduces UNICOOL, a groundbreaking air conditioning product.

Midea UNICOOL offers a range of features that make it a true game-changer in the industry. In response to the challenges posed by inconsistent power supply and low local purchasing power in the region, Midea UNICOOL showcases the GEN GEAR five-level control functionality, which enables users to control the air conditioner’s power consumption effectively.

With just under 50% of the power required by traditional units, at a mere 500W for a 9000BTU model, the UNICOOL can be powered by small generators as low as 0.9kVA, setting an industry benchmark in power efficiency. This innovation allows users to enjoy cooling comfort without compromising on other appliance usage, making it a perfect solution for regions with limited power availability.

Paired with a comprehensive app upgrade, the SmartHome app empowers users to set energy-saving goals and benefit from smart reminders to foster a comprehensive energy-saving lifestyle.

Meanwhile, UNICOOL’s durability showcases Midea’s pledge to create robust products. Featuring an outdoor unit upgraded with sunlight and salt-resistant graphene-coated fins, UNICOOL ensures reliable cooling even at low voltages of 80V. This effectively handles fluctuating voltage scenarios, removing the necessity for extra stabilizers or transformers.

Another groundbreaking aspect of UNICOOL is its branch box configuration design. This innovative design allows a single outdoor unit to control the cooling of both the bedroom and living room separately, effectively realizing the time-sharing cooling system. This not only enhances the efficiency of the inverter air conditioning system but also makes it as affordable as a traditional fixed-speed unit. This significant advancement in cooling technology makes comfortable home environments more accessible to consumers, demonstrating Midea’s commitment to delivering unparalleled value to its customers.

UNICOOL is slated to hit the African market soon, with availability in countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Republic of Congo, and more. With collaboration with Mark Angel who regards the Midea UNICOOL is the best inverter AC, Midea is set to introduce a product that makes a real difference in people’s lives to African consumers.

Jacob Li

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