R.T. Weatherman Foundation Unveils Dynamic Rebrand and New Website, Deepening Commitment to Global Democracy and Aid

Standing steadfast amid conflict, the R.T. Weatherman Foundation debuts a transformative brand and digital platform reflecting its unwavering dedication to forging pathways between lives in peril and critical aid.

KYIV, UKRAINE / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2023 / Recognized as the “last mile convener”, the R.T. Weatherman Foundation announces its rebrand and website relaunch. Renowned for its agility and integrity, the Foundation’s new identity represents more than a refreshed look – it embodies a pledge to be a beacon in turbulent times, seeking out gaps and ensuring they’re filled.

Founded during the evacuation of children from Afghanistan when the R.T. Weatherman rescued and gained asylum in Portugal for more than 700 Afghan nationals, the R.T. Weatherman Foundation expanded into Ukraine:

  • Directing over $150 million in aid to Ukraine’s hardest hit and most difficult to reach regions.
  • Collaborating with more than 75 local NGOs to fortify on-ground operations.
  • Extending a lifeline to over 30 Ukrainian war journalists and their families by sponsoring recuperative breaks in Portugal.
  • Establishing a sanctuary in Poland for the war-displaced women and children from Ukraine.
  • Assisting in the safe evacuation of wounded foreign legionnaires and ensuring a dignified return for fallen American volunteers.

“While our rebrand signifies a new chapter, our core values remain unchanged. As we transition, our dedication to addressing critical needs only grows stronger. We are proud of our past, excited for our present, and optimistic about our future,” said Bess Weatherman, co-founder of the R.T. Weatherman Foundation.

The rebrand is not merely a cosmetic enhancement. It mirrors the Foundation’s tenacity, professionalism, and commitment to act as the backbone in tumultuous situations, ensuring that critical needs are met.

In shaping the digital gateway to their mission, the Foundation partnered with Sora Union. This organization is renowned for its global vision and dedication to stabilizing those affected by unsettling events, be it conflict or climate change. Their diverse team includes individuals from continents apart, each bringing a unique perspective shaped by their personal challenges.

“Collaborating with the R.T. Weatherman Foundation has been a testament to what two aligned entities can achieve. Their mission resonates with our team members across continents, and together, we’ve created a digital platform that represents both organizations’ global impact,” said Nate Dalton, co-founder and CEO of Sora Union.

The website’s relaunch will happen live from Kyiv, alongside Anton Derkach, the Delivery Manager of this project. Anton, and several of the designers who worked on the website are Ukrainian nationals, their insights and lived experiences have infused the website with a depth of authenticity, bridging the heart of the Foundation’s mission with its global audience.

Andrew Duncan, co-founder of the R.T. Weatherman Foundation, shared “all of us at the R.T. Weatherman Foundation have been heads down providing humanitarian aid for eighteen months in a warzone. It takes a village, and our efforts need support from our fellow Americans. Freedom isn’t free. We are so proud of the people we support and work with. They are all heroes for humanity!”

The R.T. Weatherman invites everyone to explore the new website, delve into the initiatives of the R.T. Weatherman Foundation, and join hands in a mission that prioritizes humanity above all.

About the R.T. Weatherman Foundation:

Dedicated to fortifying the pillars of democracy and valuing every life, the R.T. Weatherman Foundation stands resolute in its mission to forging pathways between lives in peril and critical aid.

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