Ratchaphruek Hospital in Khon Kaen, Thailand Achieves GHA Accreditation with Excellence, Affirming Its World-Class Services for Medical Travelers

KHON KAEN, Thailand, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ratchaphruek Hospital in Khon Kaen province, Thailand, has achieved a significant milestone by being awarded Accreditation with Excellence for Medical Travel Services by Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA). This accolade underscores Ratchaphruek Hospital’s unwavering commitment to providing world-class medical services and positions it as a trusted destination for medical travelers seeking exceptional care. Ratchaphruek is the first hospital in northeast Thailand to earn this distinguished honor from GHA, the leader in medical travel accreditation.

Ratchaphruek Hospital, under the leadership of its esteemed Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Teerawat Srinakarin, has earned a stellar reputation for its outstanding healthcare services and patient-centered approach. The hospital’s pursuit of excellence has led to its recognition as a leader in the healthcare industry in the region. According to Dr. Teerawat, “Human caring lies at the heart of everything we do at Ratchaphruek Hospital. Our medical delivery systems are thoughtfully designed, managed and executed with a loving, purposeful attitude that respects each patient’s beliefs, values, emotions, cultural background and individual needs. This unwavering person-centric approach serves as the cornerstone of our healthcare philosophy and practice.”

GHA’s prestigious accreditation marks a significant milestone in Ratchaphruek Hospital’s pursuit of excellence in medical travel services. The hospital’s commitment to delivering exceptional patient experiences, combined with its focus on clinical outcomes and safety, sets it apart as a leading institution in the region.

Dr. Teerawat went on to say, “Ratchaphruek Hospital had an outstanding experience with GHA. We are delighted to highlight that GHA’s surveyor team conducted meticulous assessment according to all GHA’s standards, while also maintaining a warm and friendly demeanor throughout. As a result, we felt not only thoroughly evaluated but also genuinely supported and confident about the GHA accreditation process. The GHA Accreditation with Excellence affirms our position as a leading medical institution and reinforces our commitment to delivering world-class care.”

Global Healthcare Accreditation is a renowned organization in the medical tourism and health tourism industry. Their international standards, accredited by ISQua/IEEA, and professional norms for medical travel are developed in collaboration with leading global experts, including health providers, insurers, and employers. The GHA accreditation seal serves as a symbol of trust, assuring patients and international payers that Ratchaphruek Hospital has implemented comprehensive procedures and policies to enhance patient safety and the overall patient experience.

The accreditation process positions healthcare providers to attract and cater to medical travel patients, not only elevating clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction but also positively impacting the organization’s overall performance.

“We are thrilled to award Ratchaphruek Hospital with Accreditation with Excellence, GHA’s highest distinction, which affirms they have met stringent international benchmarks across the entire medical travel patient journey,” said Ms. Renée-Marie Stephano, Chief Executive Officer of Global Healthcare Accreditation. “From first inquiries to post-discharge support, Ratchaphruek delivers exceptionally personalized care and service to each patient. Their commitment to the wellbeing and satisfaction of traveling patients, and focus on continuous improvement, is truly admirable. I congratulate Dr. Teerawat and the entire Ratchaphruek Hospital team on attaining this well-deserved recognition of their dedication to excellence.”

With Ratchaphruek Hospital’s attainment of GHA Accreditation with Excellence, the hospital joins an esteemed network of internationally recognized providers. This recognition also leads to increased visibility through GHA’s consumer awareness initiatives, reaching a global audience and further establishing Ratchaphruek Hospital as a trusted and preferred healthcare destination worldwide.

About Ratchaphruek Hospital

Ratchaphruek Hospital is located at Khon Kean in the Northeast part of Thailand. The hospital was established in 1994 as a 50-bed private general hospital with a projection of a 200 bed “Healing Environment Hospital” in 2018. Our vision is to provide international standards and humanized health care. In this way, we visualize the patient as a patient, not as a customer and the doctor as a doctor, not just as a medical serviceman. All of the staff are ‘Care Givers’ who have the same purpose and alignment with the organization’s core value, “Happiness by Giving”.

About Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA):

Global Healthcare Accreditation® (GHA) is the recognized global authority in accreditation and certification focused on medical and wellness travel, health tourism, safety, and well-being. Founded in 2016, GHA’s initial business purpose centered on improving the patient experience for medical travelers and supporting healthcare providers in validating quality, increasing visibility, and implementing a sustainable business model for medical travel. Since then, GHA pioneers a variety of programs for organizations and individuals including accreditation, certification, training, development and optimization and advisory services, in all aspects of health and wellbeing.

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