Syinix is about to release the Q61 series TV in Mozambique, which will be the most powerful TV ever made by Syinix

MAPUTO, Mozambique, Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the fastest growing electronics brand in Africa, Syinix has always been committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective home appliances to African users. On August 24th, Syinix officially announced the upcoming release of the Q61 series TVs on August 31st, which will be the most powerful TV ever made by the Syinix brand. In what ways will it surprise us?

Syinix Q61 Series 4K QLED Google TV

First of all, the display effect of Q61 series TV will be improved. Currently the mainstream TV screens are QLED, OLED. QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes) is made of tiny semiconductor nanocrystals, QLED can be said to be a kind of LED screen, its quantum dot stability is quite high, coupled with the mature backlight and LED panel, so the service life is relatively long. In addition, the brightness and screen size of the part performance will be better than OLED. The OELD also has the advantage of high display brightness and high contrast ratio. We don’t know yet about which display technology is used in the Q61 series TV, but based on the campaign launched by Syinix Mozambique’s Facebook account that lets users doodle on pictures, we can guess that the Q61 series TV will go a step further in displaying colors.

In addition to the improvement of picture quality, sound quality is also one of the key points of the user experience, most TVs will use higher-powered audio to bring users a more powerful and clearer experience; more advanced TVs tend to use Dolby Atmos, a technology that allows users to experience the effect as if they were in a theater. Expect the Q61 series TV to surprise us with their sound.

Finally, we are equally excited to see what the operating system will be for the Q61 series TV. The current mainstream TV operating system is Android TV, but Google TV is an equally good choice. The advantage of Android TV is that it is open in resources and simple to use, but Google TV focuses more on user interaction and content curation, finding the content you want to watch is simple and elegant. You can browse your favorite movies, episodes, live TV, and more directly from the homepage, without having to open up apps one by one. Google TV sets up individual watch lists for each person in the house, providing personalized entertainment. You can also add your favorite content to a playlist on your phone or computer and find it on your Google TV when you get home. If the Q61 series TV used Google TV operating system, it should give users a better experience.

The Syinix Q61 series TV is set to officially launch on August 31st. For more information about the Syinix brand and Syinix products, please visit

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